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LURE: Blade jig, Deep Crank, top water

Shimano New Metanium
Normal type

Gear Ratio: 6.4
Max handle turn: 66cm
Handle length: 42mm

It has Power and Torque. By definition it is Strong and Stable

It is a full model with winding length of 66cm per handle rotation and has a 6.2 gear ratio. It is the prerogative of a low gear reel. Speaking of power, this unit has given an excellent performance of X-SHIP. It has the power to transmit and squeeze out the torque spec gear in the middle while being bold and stable from low speed winding.

It has a powerful system to retrieve any kinds of lure from big scroll jig blade resistance, deep crank, and spinner bait. Its strength and durability in top notch and in water has extra protection against any possible intrusion from any other elements.

Shimano New Metanium  (Right Handed model)

Special Offer US$420.00

shipping fee :US$27.00

2013 March release

SShimano New Metanium-L (Left Handed model)

Special Offer US$420.00

shipping fee :US$27.00

Item Condition new
Gear Ratio 6.2
weight 170g
Line Capacity NA#3/120m NA#3.5/100m NA#4/85m NA#5/70m
Bearing(Ball/Roller) 9/1
MAX Drag 5.0kg
Handle length


Spool Diameter

Deploying extra high gear for the fastest Shimano Bass bait fishing. Metaniumu = newborn baitcasting reel with THREE GEAR RATIO!!

Metaniumu advanced bait reel was reborn carried the 3-speed gear. Normal 6.2 gear ratio torque full model lead to retrieve a stable, HG 7.4 is NEW standard model corresponding to both fishing and dynamic fishing static, XG 8.5 is bait for Shimanobasu of 91cm long winding one turn handle it is the fastest spec extra high gear. On all items with a "micro-module gear" and "SVS ∞", won the high level of distance and feel. You can also customize their own personal dream in the parts shop.


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